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Post by Rob » Mon Jan 06, 2020 4:43 pm

On 6 December the Volkswagen brand is starting a new marketing campaign for the Golf 8 in Germany. The claim: ʺLife happens with a Golfʺ. In the first quarter of 2020 the campaign will be rolled out to further countries in Europe. It comprises a total of more than 450 elements, including digital assets, social media content, commercials and out-of-home advertising. The campaign was developed by Voltage, the Volkswagen lead agency for Europe.


ʺThe Golf 8 campaign is our most extensive campaign ever – especially regarding the number and versatility of advertising elements. We are now able to realise personalised content that is relevant for the customer in the respective situation,ʺ says Jochen Sengpiehl, Chief Marketing Officer of the Volkswagen brand.

The campaign is being rolled out in two phases. The first phase starts in December in Germany with the TV commercial ʺGolf Manifestoʺ, which celebrates the vehicle as an icon. The film focuses on the personal memories that people associate with the Golf. It also shows how Volkswagen has succeeded in making digital innovations available to everyone – just as the Golf has always democratised innovations. The film was shown for the first time at the world premiere of the Golf 8 in October. At the same time print ads, out-of-home advertising and an extensive display ad campaign (online advertising) will start using videos, animations or images.

In the second phase in the first quarter of 2020 the campaign will be rolled out to other European markets and supplemented by a further TV commercial. In contemporary and authentic ʺslices of lifeʺ the film presents situations where the new Golf is the perfect partner. This commercial will also be shown in Germany and will replace the Golf Manifesto.

The central idea running through all advertising media is ʺWhatever life you live – life happens with a Golfʺ. This shows that the Golf has been part of customers’ lives over many generations and will continue to be so in future. In the new Golf 8 everyone will be able to experience digitalisation and connectivity. The campaign aims to delight loyal Golf drivers and fans and also to win a new generation of drivers.

ʺThis year we have completely revised our design language, imagery, corporate identity and our communication style. The new brand design conveys the new Volkswagen attitude: human, open, inviting, transparent, responsible and authentic. This approach also formed the basis for the Golf 8 campaign,ʺ says Sengpiehl. ʺThe Golf 8 focuses on the most important principle of our brand: we place people at the centre of everything we do. We don’t show how technology works, but rather how it makes life better.ʺ

For the implementation Volkswagen is using ʺmoving image toolkitsʺ to create target- group specific content. The Golf 8 campaign features three big moving image productions: from the story-based commercial and the Golf Manifesto to the product film with specific information on the equipment and features. This provides those interested with appropriate content at every stage of their customer journey.

Since October 2019 an online product film has been shown on the homepage of the Volkswagen website (directed by Julian Acosta, production: Markenfilm Crossing). It targets customers who are at a more advanced stage in the purchase decision process and who are looking for more specific information on the new Golf and its features.

Since October 2019 ads produced in 9:16 formats and Instagram stories conceived for specific channels and target groups have also been run.

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